Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for Adults

Posted On February 22, 2021 in

While ABA is commonly thought of as a treatment for children and teens, it can greatly benefit the adult population as well. One of the reasons ABA is effective is because it is highly individualized treatment; this applies to services for adults as well!  Emerge provides behavioral services to adults through Medicaid Waivers, insurance, and private funding. Utilizing these funding sources, ABA clinicians work with the adult client, their caregiver(s), and any additional members of the treatment team in a comprehensive and client-focused approach to treatment. Through… Read More

Treating Autism: Encourage Positive Behaviors in Your Toddler

Posted On December 16, 2019 in
autism positive behavior

Treating Autism: Tips for Encouraging Positive Behaviors in Your Toddler For parents of toddlers with autism, navigating daily life can be filled with challenges. You never know when your toddler will be on their best behavior or when they’ll have an uncontrollable meltdown. Though treating autism with an experienced therapist can help you and your… Read More

How Common Is It for Adults with Autism to Go Undiagnosed?

How Common Is It for Adults with Autism to Go Undiagnosed? Getting diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder is relatively common. In fact, one out of every 59 children will get diagnosed with autism. This diagnosis tends to happen early in life as doctors and parents typically notice the signs at an early age. For kids… Read More

What Is Aspergers Syndrome? A Clear & Simple Explanation

Posted On August 7, 2019 in

What Is Aspergers Syndrome? A Clear & Simple Explanation When you hear people talking about autism, Asperger’s syndrome is one of the most common terms you’ll hear. In some circles, it’s used almost as a replacement for the term “autism spectrum disorder.” And if your loved one is diagnosed with high-functioning autism, there’s even a… Read More

DIY Sensory Friendly Games for Children With Autism & Families

Posted On July 1, 2019 in

DIY Sensory Friendly Games for Autism Children & Families Finding ways to keep children with autism entertained is always a challenge, especially when you want to integrate the rest of the family into the fun. And if you’re like most parents, you want to create new games that capture your child’s interest without overwhelming their… Read More