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We are here to help regardless of age or ability.

It is normal to have questions about development, behaviors, and emotions. At times the need for guidance and answers can feel overwhelming. We are here to help regardless of age or ability. Our accurate and thorough evaluation will provide you with effective tools and resources, empower you to overcome obstacles, and reveal a clear path forward. Our team is well-known nationally for their thorough evaluation process and effectively written reports, guided by the training and oversight of Dr. Helena Huckabee, Ph.D., BCBA-D, co-author of a leading text on assessment and nationally recognized expert in autism.

Emerge currently provides evaluation services exclusively on a self-pay basis, guided by our commitment to a high-quality and individualized evaluation process. Emerge does not accept insurance for evaluation services.

Psychological Evaluation Pricing

A psychological evaluation seeks to determine a diagnosis when relevant and an appropriate treatment plan. At Emerge, these are typically completed over 1 to 3 evaluation sessions.

autism evaluation denver - early diagnostic

Early Diagnostic
(0-4 Years Old) – 1 evaluation session

autism evaluation denver - school-age children

School-Age Children
Up to 2 evaluation sessions

autism evaluation denver - adults / complex cases

Adults / Complex Cases
Up to 3 evaluation sessions

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Estimated Cost: $3,000

A complete neuropsychological evaluation assesses a wide array of cognitive abilities, academic achievement, social/emotional functioning, and behavior. Additionally, verbal and visual memory, language, attention, executive functioning, gross/fine motor development and various other areas may be evaluated. Typically, due the breadth of such an evaluation, this is completed over 3 testing sessions held on different days to maximize performance.

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

Estimated Cost: $1,200

Because Emerge has a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians which includes Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), we also offer the option of a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). This service can stand alone or be added to any evaluation or Independent Educational Evaluation.

A Functional Behavior Assessment seeks to understand the cause of behaviors that may be interfering with an individual’s educational or treatment progress. Our BCBA’s identify specific target behavior(s), the purpose(s) or function(s) of the behavior(s) and factors that contribute to their continuation.  It can be critical to understand these elements of behavior prior to developing an effective intervention plan at home or school.

Psychoeducational Evaluation / IEE

Estimated Cost $3,500-$4,200

Psychoeducational evaluations focus on student achievement including learning-related issues or strengths as well as emotional or behavioral concerns. These evaluations are utilized to determine if a student has a specific learning disability and can also be used to identify those who are gifted and talented (GT) or display a twice-exceptional learning profile (2E).

Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

An IEE is a psychoeducational evaluation that is typically funded by your local school district. These are sometimes requested when a client was evaluated by his or her school district, but parents do not agree with the results of the district’s evaluation or the conceptualization of their child. Or, a parent may wish to have an independent opinion. In some cases, a district will request an IEE because they seek to find the appropriate or optimal resources for their student.

The terms and scope of an IEE are specified through a formal contract between the district and Emerge. It should be noted that the release of an IEE report is typically stipulated to be released to the student’s family and his/her school district at the same time. Parents may also have an IEE completed at their own expense and the results could remain private.

IEE’s are generally structured similarly to psychological or psychoeducational evaluation services.

*If you are interested in an IEE at Emerge, please contact our office and provide a point of contact at your school district or request that your school district contact our office. Upon receipt of a contract from your school district, the Emerge team will proceed with scheduling your Independent Educational Evaluation.

The Evaluation Process at Emerge

After an initial consultation is complete, our team will schedule anywhere from 1 to 3 evaluation sessions. Evaluation sessions are typically 3 to 4 hours in length, though they may be 2 hours or less for younger children. The number of sessions scheduled depends on the questions that need to be answered. Generally speaking, an evaluation typically begins with an assessment of cognitive abilities (e.g. IQ), adaptive functioning, and social, emotional and behavioral challenges. Further assessment may follow (e.g. attention, executive functioning, memory, sensorimotor skills, language, depression, anxiety, or academic testing). If a question of Autism Spectrum Disorder is presented, our team will administer the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), the gold-standard tool for assessing Autism Spectrum Disorders.

What to Expect

Prior To Your Evaluation

Prior to your evaluation, the Emerge team will send documentation to be completed including a client registration form, questionnaire, and required consents and disclosures. Upon completion of all necessary administrative forms, a 1-hour initial consultation will be scheduled.

Initial Consultation

During this 1-hour consultation, a psychologist will seek to fully understand your concerns and guide you to the appropriate evaluation service for your individual needs. For younger children, this session is completed with only parents present. For teens, it may be appropriate and beneficial to have both the child and parents present. Adults may attend with their spouse or family members.

What To Bring To Your Evaluation

It is essential to promote comfort during the evaluation process. Please bring a water bottle, snacks, and an extra layer of clothing to your session(s) as appropriate. It is also important to bring corrective lenses and/or hearing aids if these are prescribed, as well as information regarding any medication that you are taking. If an augmentative communication device is typically used (talker, iPad, PECS, etc.), please bring this as well.


After evaluation testing is complete, results are scored and interpreted. On the final day of your evaluation, a 50-minute feedback session is scheduled for 1 to 2 weeks later, depending on the length of the evaluation and the time necessary for scoring and interpretation. Only parents attend this session for individuals under the age of 13. Please arrange any necessary childcare.

During the feedback session, your psychologist will guide you through any diagnoses that may be relevant and provide information about other findings including strengths and challenges. A summary of primary recommendations is also provided at the time of the feedback. The goal of a feedback session is to answer your questions about results and follow-up regarding any further questions that you may have.

Evaluation Report

After the completion of a feedback session, a written report is issued that summarizes the background information you provided. It also integrates and interprets the results of the evaluation. The report includes a description of the findings, diagnoses when warranted, and recommendations for the future. The report will be available approximately 2-4 weeks after completion of the feedback. Upon request and written consent to share the report, the report can also be sent to other interested parties (e.g. school, psychiatrist, psychologist, pediatrician).

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