Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for Adults

ABA Behavior Analysis
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While ABA is commonly thought of as a treatment for children and teens, it can greatly benefit the adult population as well. One of the reasons ABA is effective is because it is highly individualized treatment; this applies to services for adults as well!

Emerge provides behavioral services to adults through Medicaid Waivers, insurance, and private funding. Utilizing these funding sources, ABA clinicians work with the adult client, their caregiver(s), and any additional members of the treatment team in a comprehensive and client-focused approach to treatment. Through behavior consultation, ABA clinicians engage in coordination of care and collaboration with the adult and their team to optimize independence and quality of life.

Commonly Targeted Areas

The areas of a person’s life that can be supported through ABA services are vast.

Life Skills

Promoting independence with cooking/food preparation, dressing, bathing, laundry, shopping, and community safety.


Creating healthy habits and routines in individual areas of interest.


Strengthening communication skills with individuals in their family, friends, and members of the community.

Internet Use & Safety

Accessing the internet for knowledge and entertainment in independent and safe ways.


Achieving personal goals within employment such as obtaining and maintaining desired positions.

Day Program Attendance

Identifying individual preferences and develop incentive programs to increase attendance and participation.

Behavior Reduction

Developing a behavior plan to reduce maladaptive behaviors such as aggression, self-injury, destroying property, etc.
Emerge has compassionate and highly skilled clinicians that are available throughout the Denver metro area to support individuals on their path in adulthood. Reach out to / 303-322-9000 to discuss opportunities available!