What Is Aspergers Syndrome? A Clear & Simple Explanation

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When you hear people talking about autism, Asperger’s syndrome is one of the most common terms you’ll hear. In some circles, it’s used almost as a replacement for the term “autism spectrum disorder.” And if your loved one is diagnosed with high-functioning autism, there’s even a good chance your doctor or therapist will refer to their condition as Asperger’s. But what is it and what does it mean? Here’s a simple guide to help you better understand the term and what it means for your loved one. 

Asperger’s Syndrome is an Outdated Diagnosis

Asperger’s syndrome used to be recognized as a type of autism. In recent years, however, doctors and therapists have discontinued using the term to refer to high-functioning individuals with autism. Instead, these individuals are simply diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. 

Characteristics of Asperger’s

Like most people with autism, those with Asperger’s syndrome often struggle with social situations and typically have an intense interest in a few subjects rather than expressing interest in multiple hobbies. This can lead to some obsessive behaviors, but typically, their behaviors will be close to normal in most situations.
That doesn’t mean they feel like the average person. In fact, many people with Asperger’s still thrive with established routines, have trouble in social environments, and may not understand why they feel so different. These behaviors are part of the common symptoms of autism spectrum disorder and is part of why Asperger’s isn’t used as a formal diagnosis anymore. 

Therapy Can Help

Just because someone has high-functioning autism doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from therapy and treatments. The sooner they get help from an experienced and licensed professional, the better prepared they’ll be to deal with challenges as they arise. With the right techniques and behavioral therapies in place, most people with Asperger’s can live full lives just as well as any other person not on the spectrum. 

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