ABA Therapy Services

Emerge believes in the importance of early and intensive behavioral intervention administered in a natural setting. Our comprehensive ABA practice addresses cognitive deficits in communication, social and emotional development, attention, motor skills, and adaptive behaviors. Grounded in empirically-supported treatments and the science of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), we draw upon state-of-the-art techniques to individualize effective treatment for each client.

What does behavior therapy look like?

This depends on the skills being addressed at any given time. In many cases, our ABA therapy for young children on-and-off the autism spectrum will look a lot like play time to the untrained eye. A child’s goals might be intertwined within activities that he/she enjoys. For example, a child may be playing with a favorite toy and the therapist may be using access to the toy to promote requests. In this example the therapist is targeting language within a child-chosen activity.

How much therapy does my child need?

This varies, and a supervising clinician will determine the number of recommended hours. Research suggests that for children on the autism spectrum, 25 hours per week of intervention is optimal. For children who are exhibiting problem behaviors and are not on the autism spectrum, 2 hours per week or parent consultation may be sufficient in reducing the rate of the problem behavior.

How involved do families have to be in behavior therapy?

Families can be as involved as they would like. Many studies have found parent training and involvement for individuals with autism to be effective in promoting successful treatment in a wide range of areas including: decreasing problematic behavior, increasing intake of non-preferred foods, enhancing functional communication, improving compliance with parental requests, and teaching imitation of actions with objects. One study showed that parent education and skill training was also beneficial to parents’ mental health and well-being. Participation by siblings and parents can help a child progress.

Who provides ABA therapy services?

ABA therapy programs through Emerge often consist of a team of clinicians. The team typically involves a Bachelors level therapist who provides most of the direct services and a BACB Certified, Master’s or Doctoral level clinician who provides treatment planning and oversight of the program. In some cases, qualifications of the clinician serving a family may be driven by their funding source. Licensing and or/credentialing requirements may apply. We always aim to minimize cost of treatment while working to optimize the progress of the individual client.

Where do ABA therapy services take place?

ABA Therapy sessions generally take place in the client’s home, school, or at our office. As needed, we also provide services in the community, promoting access to places such as grocery stores, religious establishments, social skills groups, restaurants, and any other location important to our client’s well-being. Our goal is to produce positive and meaningful change for the individuals we treat.

Case Management

Your loved one may have a team of therapists from Emerge or from other providers. It can be a daunting task to coordinate and organize multiple providers in order to optimize his/her progress. Emerge can advocate for our clients and help coordinate multiple service providers to strive and build a collaborative relationship with all providers working with you.

Teacher and Parent Training

The clinicians at Emerge are available to provide one-on-one parent or teacher training sessions as well as large group training and lecture series. Training is flexible and available on a large number of topics in the fields of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Autism, Parenting, Psychotherapy, and Neuropsychology and is tailored specifically to each situation and/or individual.

Please call our office at (303) 322-9000 for more information or to schedule ABA services.