Is Your Relationship Taking the Next Step Over the Holidays?

Posted On December 23, 2019 in
couples counseling

Is Your Relationship Taking the Next Step Over the Holidays? For many, the holidays are a romantic time for giving or receiving a promise, a commitment, or a ring—anything that takes a relationship to the next level! According to a recent report from Statista’s Research Department, 19% of all proposals occur in December—more than double… Read More

Surviving Thanksgiving: Strategies for Overcoming Social Anxiety

Most people tend to feel a little bit stressed out around Thanksgiving. There’s a lot of work that goes into planning Thanksgiving dinner, preparing your home for guests, and finding time to do all of the shopping and cooking.   However, for those with social anxiety, the stress that comes during Thanksgiving can be overwhelming…. Read More

What to Expect for Your First Family Therapy Sessio

Posted On March 14, 2018 in

If you’ve never been to therapy before or it’s your first time going to a family therapy session, you may have some feelings of anxiety or nervousness. This is a very normal thing to experience since most of us get at least slightly anxious about doing things we’ve never done before. It’s important to know… Read More