What to Expect for Your First Family Therapy Session

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If you’ve never been to therapy before or it’s your first time going to a family therapy session, you may have some feelings of anxiety or nervousness. This is a very normal thing to experience since most of us get at least slightly anxious about doing things we’ve never done before. It’s important to know how family therapy works so you can gain an understanding of its usefulness and mentally prepare yourself before your first session. Mental preparation beforehand can help reduce your feelings of nervousness and/or uncertainty.

Family Therapy: When Is It Necessary?

Our families are deeply intertwined with our lives. For this reason, it is normal for one family member’s problems to become problems for other members of the whole family. If your family is having difficulty functioning within a normal capacity, it may be a good time to seek counseling. Therapy can help improve the communication between the members of your family and help resolve conflicts. There are many mental health clinics that offer family therapy services in Denver, Emerge being one of them.

What to Expect for Your First Session

Approaches to family therapy tend to vary from one therapist to the next. However, most begin therapy with an introductory session. During your first session, your therapist will most likely review your intake paperwork and then explain his/her methods and experience in working with families.

Usually, the goal of the first session is for your therapist to get to know your family and for you to get to know them. Your therapist may meet with your family all together at once, in an individual setting, or both during the first session. For follow-up sessions, it may not be necessary for all family members to attend at the same time. This is up to your therapist to decide.

During the first session, you will most likely be asked to answer a series of questions. This will help your therapist conduct an evaluation and get to know your situation better, including what problems your family is experiencing. They may also offer ways to work through conflicts and issues, though this topic will most likely be addressed later on in treatment.

Family therapy sessions typically last 50 minutes to an hour. Ongoing treatment can be short-term, lasting only a few months, or long-term, lasting several years. Your therapist will decide the right length of time and treatment plan depending on your family’s situation and progress.

In conclusion, your first session is not something that you should stress too much about. You may find you actually enjoy the experience. Many families seek counseling at some point or another. Remember, therapy is meant to be a positive thing. Your therapist is there to help you and guide your family towards a path of healing.

Learn More About Family Therapy Services in Denver

If you have questions about your upcoming appointment or would like to learn more about Emerge’s family therapy services in Denver, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We would be more than happy to provide you with additional information or help you schedule an appointment.