Employment Advice for Adults with Autism

Posted On June 13, 2019 in

Employment Advice for Adults with Autism Getting a job is tough enough but for adults with autism, finding an employer that appreciates those unique skills and thought patterns can be a bit more difficult. It used to be that being on the spectrum  But with a little bit of patience and preparation, you’ll be able… Read More

Toileting Issues in Children – When Is a Professional Evaluation Necessary?

Posted On February 25, 2019 in

Toileting Issues in Children – When Is a Professional Evaluation Necessary? Toileting issues can be a difficult challenge to address. A child who is still learning how to communicate effectively may have trouble expressing their fear or confusion. Often, they experience shame in knowing that they have done something wrong to displease their parent or… Read More

ADHD & Video Game Addiction

For parents of children with ADHD in Denver, letting them play video games can feel like a double-edged sword. They’re distracted, but is it at a detriment to their wellbeing? Today, we’re going to look at just what makes kids become so enamored with video games and how you can help your ADHD child develop… Read More

Surviving Thanksgiving: Strategies for Overcoming Social Anxiety

Most people tend to feel a little bit stressed out around Thanksgiving. There’s a lot of work that goes into planning Thanksgiving dinner, preparing your home for guests, and finding time to do all of the shopping and cooking.   However, for those with social anxiety, the stress that comes during Thanksgiving can be overwhelming…. Read More

World Mental Health Day 2018 & the Benefits of Therapy for Young People

As the holidays approach and the cold weather brings about seasonal changes, families become busily involved in fall activities, family gatherings, and other seasonal events. However, fall is also an important time in the mental health community.   This October 10th marks World Mental Health Day 2018. At Emerge, we feel that this day is… Read More