ADHD & Video Game Addiction

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For parents of children with ADHD in Denver, letting them play video games can feel like a double-edged sword. They’re distracted, but is it at a detriment to their wellbeing? Today, we’re going to look at just what makes kids become so enamored with video games and how you can help your ADHD child develop interests outside of video game consoles.

Q: What Is It About Video Games That’s So Attractive?
A: ADHD brains love receiving feedback. This is how kids can make adjustments to behaviors, improve, and grow. In the real world, feedback can be slow to come. School assignments have to wait to be graded, there’s no instant gratification, and rewards for good behavior take time to earn. With video games, the feedback is instant.

Q: Does This Make Them Addictive?
A: Video games can be a problem and children with ADHD may develop some addictive tendencies towards them. At our Denver clinic, ADHD and video game addiction is a common problem that comes up with many of the families we meet. It’s easy for kids to get sucked into a game and the instant feedback they receive makes it tempting to keep playing. Things make sense—they’re given something that they can influence directly. And if your child has been spending hours gaming each day, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to curb the habit.

Get Creative and Establish Rules

Video games aren’t the only way to entertain kids. Board games, card games, and even lawn games are just as effective and give them the feedback they crave. If they still want to play video games, set a limit on how much game time they get each day. Enroll them in other activities that are just as stimulating. After-school sports, martial arts, social clubs, and special interest groups will help them burn off energy while establishing friendships. The only limit is your imagination.

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