Sex Education and Where to Begin

Posted On January 26, 2021 in

Talking with your child about sex is uncomfortable for any parent. When you have a child with a developmental disability, like Autism, Down syndrome, or an Intellectual Disability, it can be especially difficult to know when and how to approach this topic. It is important that parents not shy away from conversations about sex because people with developmental disabilities are more vulnerable… Read More

Strategies for School Success

Strategies for School Success Tasha Jamroz, MA, BCBA VP of Emerge, Director of ABA Suzanne Aurelio, MS, BCBA Assistant Director of ABA Disclaimer: The strategies presented today are meant to be an overview of commonly used techniques to improve behavior in individuals affected by developmental disabilities. We cannot and will not provide specific treatment recommendations for… Read More

What Causes Autism? What Are the Risk Factors?

Posted On April 2, 2019 in

As a parent, you want your child to be as healthy as possible. Finding out that they’re on the autism spectrum can leave you wondering about the type of life they’ll lead and whether they’ll be able to fit the vision of the future you’d created in your mind. Autism is nothing to be ashamed… Read More

Ways to Help a Child with Autism – Tips for Parents & Family Members

Posted On March 11, 2019 in

Ways to Help a Child with Autism – Tips for Parents & Family Members As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. Watching them struggle in social situations or seeing them having a hard time keeping up with their peers is incredibly difficult. But you’re not alone. You just need to know when… Read More

How to Help & Support Teens with Autism when It Comes to Dating

Posted On January 7, 2019 in

Dating is tough enough for teens. However, when they’re on the autism spectrum, this normal part of growing up can quickly become more complicated. Luckily, there are a few ways you can help your teen navigate the dating scene successfully. You just have to be patient and understanding throughout the process. Here are a few… Read More