Ways to Help a Child with Autism – Tips for Parents & Family Members


As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. Watching them struggle in social situations or seeing them having a hard time keeping up with their peers is incredibly difficult. But you’re not alone. You just need to know when to ask for help with autism symptoms and approach situations differently. Denver Autism Family Counseling can help. Also, here are a few simple tips to help you help your child.

Stick to a Schedule

Autism in children tends to make them more anxious to changes than children who aren’t on the spectrum. The more consistent you can be with your child, the better. Create a schedule for your daily tasks and stick to it whenever possible. This creates repetition and helps your child know what to expect and when to expect it. Just make sure it’s not all work and no play. All children need playtime and for children with autism, play can be therapeutic. It’s a chance for them to express themselves completely.

Get Them Out in the World

When a child’s behavior is constantly changing, taking them out in public may seem like the worst idea in the world. But it can be the best. You still have errands to run and chores to take care of. Your child can and should go with you. The more they’re exposed to the world outside of your home or their school, the sooner they’ll start to see it as normal. If they have trouble out in public, be patient. Remember, they experience the world differently and what seems commonplace to you might be terrifying or confusing to them. Getting frustrated with problematic behavior will only make the experience more stressful.

Ask for Help

Therapy is important for children with autism, but it’s also important for their families. You’re having to learn how to navigate the world at the same time as your child. An experienced therapist can help you develop tools to make life easier for your child. But they’ll also be able to help you adjust to the diagnosis and better understand what that means for your family. The sooner you and your family get help with autism, the better you’ll be able to help your child.


There are thousands of parents and families looking for help with autism. Reach out. Start networking with others in the community and get support for what you’re coping with.  Autism in children presents in different ways, but the experience for families is largely the same. You can learn from others’ experiences and share your own tips to help others.

Talk with Your Family

Your immediate family may know how best to help with autism symptoms, but that might not be the case for your extended relatives. If you’re planning a family gathering, explain what your child needs to feel comfortable. If you’re frustrated, find a friend or family member you can talk things over with. Bottling up your emotions can be incredibly damaging to your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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