Using Fall Break as a Time for Relaxation and Mental Health Evaluation

Bipolar & Mood Disorders

Young or old, we all need time each season to rest and recharge our mental batteries. Whether you’re a student in school or an adult in the working world, fall break remains an important time for mental health evaluation, whether it’s a formal evaluation from a Denver-based clinic like ours or by simply taking a look inward at yourself.

Why Fall Break Is the Perfect Time Evaluate and Refresh Your Mental State

For students, fall break means having more free time and less stress about how to spend it allows students to engage in more mindful habits and stress-relieving activities, whether they realize they’re participating in self-evaluation or not. Denver is replete with opportunities to get outdoors and into nature, a known stress reliever and mood booster. Fall break is also a good time to catch on sleep, exercise, and social relationships.

Though our responsibility-free days may be behind us, adults can still take away many of the same mentally healthy habits as described above. Additionally, those of us in the workforce can still practice mental care by using various strategies, such as stress-relieving exercises or, if able, taking one personal day off of work as needed.

However, if you find yourself feeling like you are struggling with finding relief from stress, anxiety, or depression, you may want to consider seeking the help of a professional.

Seeking Assistance from a Mental Health Professional

A formal mental health evaluation from a professional can help identify the root of your stress and mental health worries, giving you strategies to cope with life’s daily stresses–from basics like meditation and practicing gratitude, to other measures as needed. If you are interested in receiving a formal evaluation, our Denver-based clinic can help.

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You deserve a life of happiness and fulfillment. If you are struggling with mental health-related concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Whether you would like to learn more about our mental health evaluation process or schedule an appointment, we would love to hear from you.