How Do I Know if I Need Therapy?

Deciding to get therapy in Denver is nothing to be ashamed of. It just means you’re taking control of your life. However, recognizing that it’s time to get therapy is the biggest hurdle in getting the help you need. The sooner you can tell it’s time to get help, the happier and better prepared you’ll… Read More

Frequently Asked Questions Related to ABA Therapy

Posted On October 31, 2018 in

For parents who are entering their child in to therapy for the first time or who are unfamiliar with the method, ABA therapy may sound confusing. Many parents wonder, what happens in an ABA therapy session? What is the goal of ABA therapy and how can it help children who are struggling with autism?  … Read More

What Is ABA Therapy & What Are the Benefits for Children with Autism?

Posted On April 3, 2018 in

ABA, or Applied Behavioral Analysis, Therapy is one of the most widely used therapy methods for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It’s also one of the methods that’s been around the longest. ABA Therapy can be defined as a scientific based treatment method that applies the principles and techniques of Behavioral Analysis to reinforce positive… Read More