Sex Education and Where to Begin

Posted On January 26, 2021 in

Talking with your child about sex is uncomfortable for any parent. When you have a child with a developmental disability, like Autism, Down syndrome, or an Intellectual Disability, it can be especially difficult to know when and how to approach this topic. It is important that parents not shy away from conversations about sex because people with developmental disabilities are more vulnerable… Read More

Fostering Friendship | Prepare for the school year with our social skills group!

Posted On June 13, 2018 in

Please join us for our Fostering Friendship Social Skills Group Prepare for the School Year with our Social Skills Group! Who: Kids with Autism (ASD) ages 9-11, entering a regulare education classroom over 50% of the time When: Mondays 6:00-7:00p, July 9th-Aug.13th (6 sessions) Where: The Emerge Office: 400 S. Colorado Blvd. #400 80246 Cost:… Read More

Promoting success at the doctor and dentist: Tips for families affected by developmental disability 

Posted On October 23, 2015 in

A trip to a doctor has the potential to provoke anxiety in just about anyone. In kids and adults with developmental disabilities, these visits may be particularly stressful for them and for their caregivers.  Further, getting the best medical care requires cooperation during the visit. In clinical treatment, we are often asked how to use ABA techniques to prepare for and successfully navigate these planned and unplanned visits to… Read More

HELP! My Kid Hates School!

Posted On September 18, 2015 in

Some children are excited for the start of the new school year, and jump right back into school routines, and being part of a new classroom. Other children do not feel this way, and can struggle for weeks and even months with going back to school. For children who have disabilities, school may represent a… Read More

Choice Board and Chore Chart Visuals (Free printable)

Posted On July 31, 2015 in

As the days continue to warm up, the summer heat can decrease motivation, making us all a bit more tired (and irritable!). This week, we’ve uploaded a FREE printable and editable Choice Board as well as a FREE printable and editable Chore Chart to help increase motivation. Choice Boards are a great tool for younger… Read More