Common Reasons for Neuropsychological Testing


Society tells us that we should progress and grow in certain ways at certain times. But for some children, that growth can follow a different timeline than their peers’. Identifying what your child or toddler is coping with can make it easier for them to keep up socially and academically. The best way to do this is through neuropsychological testing with your Denver therapist.

Not sure if your child needs an evaluation? Here are a few common reasons people seek out neuropsychological testing.

They’re Having Trouble with Communication

It’s always best when your child can communicate their needs with their teachers and caregivers. But not all kids develop those communication skills at the same time. According to the NIDCD, the first three years of a child’s life are the most important for developing language skills. If your child is struggling with communication or shows other cognitive struggles like difficulty retaining information, neuropsychological testing is a good idea. With help, it’s possible to get your child back on track or at least speed up improvements and skill development.

Academics Are Unreasonably Hard

School is supposed to be challenging and some subjects are naturally harder than others. But if your child is struggling with concepts their peers have mastered, it’s a good idea to see if there’s an underlying condition that could be making school harder than it should be. Left unaddressed, such problems can extend into other areas of their life later on. The sooner you find the underlying cause, the sooner you can help them succeed.

Frequent Bouts of Frustration and Anger

Changing emotions are normal. But they should never be so volatile that your child is disruptive or lashes out at those around them. Neuropsychological testing with an experienced Denver therapist will help rule out possible causes and identify areas of concern that can be addressed with therapy to help them manage their emotional responses healthily.

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