Gifted & Talented Testing

Giftedness Screening

This service provides cognitive and/or intelligence testing for children ages 2 and older to determine giftedness. A screening typically includes a cognitive or intelligence measure, score report and 30 minute feedback. As is consistent with the requirement from many schools in the Denver area, comprehensive academic testing can also be provided for a Comprehensive Giftedness Evaluation. This specifically includes cognitive/intelligence testing and normative data on skills including reading, reading comprehension, reading fluency, written expression, writing fluency, spelling, math calculation, math reasoning, math fluency, oral expression, listening comprehension and language skills. The tests administered are typically the WISC, WIAT, GORT and CELF in their latest versions. These services can also be selected a la carte. Screening includes a feedback session to review data and a brief report with normative score tables that can be provided to a school, tutor, physician etc.