5 Unexpected Ways Everyone Can Benefit from Therapy


In 2004, a Harris poll was conducted on the topic of therapy and mental health treatment among adults. The poll discovered that over 29 million Americans had sought treatment for mental health related issues within the past two years through the from of psychotherapy. Despite the findings of this poll and the significant evidence that many people have found mental health treatment to be beneficial, there is still a large amount of skepticism that exists about the usefulness of therapy.

Many people hold the idea that therapy is only beneficial for people who have a serious illness.  However, the reality is that almost anyone, regardless of their mental state and condition, can benefit from therapy. As a mental health clinic in Denver, a city that has been deemed to be in a mental health crisis, we have seen the manifestation of this truth many times.

How Therapy Works & Helps

Therapy is designed to help people deal with emotions and behaviors that result from stressors in their lives. Every single person on this planet has problems, regardless of their situation in life. Whether or not your problems are mental health-related or not, therapy can still be a healthy, useful way of dealing with whatever negative emotions you’re experiencing.

5 Surprising Benefits of Going to Therapy

Plus, once you try it, you may be surprised at how helpful it actually is. In fact, there are many really great benefits one can experience from seeing a psychotherapist. To demonstrate what we’re talking about, we’ve outlined a few of them below.

You’ll gain new perspectives on life and other people.
One of the benefits of going to therapy is that you’ll be able to look life and other people in new ways. Talking with your therapist about problems you have with relationships, work, or life, in general gives you an opportunity to examine situations on a deeper level and gain new insight and perspective.

You’ll have better relationships.
Your therapist is someone with a neutral opinion and point of view. They’ll help guide your thoughts so that you’re able to see situations from a different angle and put yourself in other people’s shoes. Being able to understand how and why people act the way they do will help you resolve present and future conflicts you may have with them. Your therapist will also work with you on healthy ways to communicate with others.

Your physical pain and symptoms may subside.
Studies have shown that going to therapy can help alleviate physical pain and ailments. Many mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety, are known to cause negative physical effects such as headaches, sleep cycle disruption, and stomach issues. This is the human body’s normal way of reacting to stress. Alleviating stress and emotional turmoil in your life may help you feel better physically as well as mentally too.

Answers will come more easily to you.
Therapy is not about just helping you work through your current problems; it’s about learning new skills you can use for the rest of your life. Therapy gives you tools and techniques that can help you better cope with your emotions and find a healthy solution to difficult situations you encounter.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself.
Digging into deep emotional issues isn’t always easy, but the results can be well worth it. Learning more about yourself will help you discover what’s important to you and help you become more consciously aware of your own thoughts and feelings. When we are aware of our thoughts, emotions, and actions, we can be more deliberate about the path we choose to take in life.

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