Why More Businesses Should Hire Adults with Autism


For adults with autism, finding a steady job can be one of the most difficult challenges. Many businesses are hesitant to hire someone with a perceived disability, even if it’s so mild most coworkers won’t be able to identify it. Luckily, the industry is changing and more companies are starting to realize the value that these talented adults offer their companies. Wondering why hiring an autistic adult is a great idea? Here are a few reasons to consider. 

They See Things Differently

Many adults with autism see the world and interact with stimuli in a different way. This means they often find patterns and solutions where others might overlook them. For businesses, a different point of view can revolutionize the way the company operates, making things more efficient and more comfortable for your entire team. 

They’re Focused

Workplace distraction causes a huge loss of productivity for most of your team. The same isn’t necessarily true for autistic employees. This is because they often find it easier (and even comforting) to focus intensely on a single task. They’ll work in it until completion and typically avoid the distractions others so often engage in. 

They’re Self-Motivated

When you explain a job to a new employee, you hope they’re as committed to the task as you want them to be. But all too often, they start to slack off or only work when a manager is watching them. Adults with autism are often self-motivated. This means they’ll do their job even if no one is watching them. It’s because many of these adults value routine and it’s easier for them to maintain that routine throughout the day. 

They’re Passionate

Adults with autism have a diverse set of interests. And when they find a job that allows them to pursue those interests intensely each day, their passion and dedication grows. They’re excited to go to work because it allows them to do what they love to do. This, in turn, gives employers dedicated employees who they can depend on to be at work on time all the time. 

They’re a Good Influence

Since autistic adults are so focused, dedicated to their job, and motivated to perform their tasks well, they can be a great influence on the rest of your team. When others see someone willing to work hard and do their best, they’re more likely to follow suit. And the more employees you have working to the best of their abilities, the more productive your team will be.
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Keep in mind that all adults with autism are different. The way the disorder manifests for one person may be completely different for another. This means you’ll want to take care to find the best possible person for your opening. Contact us for more information. Our experienced staff can help your company better understand the benefits of working with autistic adults and can help you prepare an approachable interview process that will help you identify the best candidate for your position. Emerge is a leader in Denver in Adult Autism Counseling.