I’m an Adult with Autism. How Do I Find Housing?


Adults with autism have more to worry about than their autism alone. Just like other adults, they need to find a safe and secure place to call home. But unlike adults without autism, finding housing options that meet your needs as a person on the autism spectrum can be a challenge. We want to help take the worry out of the housing hunt. Here’s what you need to know to find housing for adults with autism.

Think About Your Needs

Are you capable of taking care of your home yourself or do you need help handling the daily tasks like paying bills or cooking? This will narrow down your housing options. If you need help, look for group homes or living communities that provide these services. If you’re able to handle these tasks on your own, you can broaden your search to standard apartments and houses.

Look at Your Budget

Rent and mortgages cost a lot of money. And you have to pay them every month as long as you’re living in the house or apartment. Think about how much you can afford each month. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much money do I earn at my job each month?
  • How much do I receive in disability payments?
  • How much do I spend on food, clothing, and other necessities?

This will give you an idea of what your budget is. Look for places to live that fit that budget and don’t go higher than that.

Consider Living with Relatives

There’s nothing wrong with living with your family. For adults with autism, it can even be a better choice than getting a house or apartment of your own. With family, you have a support system in place to make sure daily tasks get taken care of. And you’ll get help handling situations that make you feel uncomfortable or anxious. If you don’t have relatives nearby, think about your friends.
Are there any that you would enjoy living with? And would they be willing to be your housemate? For high-functioning adults with autism, roommates are a great option. They provide a social network and can help you stay on track with your responsibilities. Just make sure they understand what you need before deciding to move in together.

Ask Your Therapist

The best place to start, no matter where you fall on the spectrum, is to speak with your therapy team. Remember, they know which resources in the area will best fit your needs and can recommend options to you. If they’re not aware of any housing options, they’ll be able to help you and your loved ones access the right resources to help you find a great place to call home.

Reach Out

If you know adults with autism or are on the spectrum yourself, don’t go through the housing hunt alone. Get help from someone who understands the unique needs of people with autism spectrum disorder. Schedule an appointment with our experienced therapy team. We’ll help you assess your housing needs and find the right options to help you feel at home immediately.