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Homework Headaches? Learn more at a FREE Conference for Parents and Teachers
Children diagnosed with Autism/ADHD/LD typically display multiple difficulties with academic functioning and tend to have more frequent and intense homework problems than their peers. Many of these academic problems associated are related to problem behaviors and issues with poor executive function. Indeed children with disabilities tend to have more frequent and intense homework problems than their peers (Mautone et al., 2001; Power, Karustis, & Habboushe, 2001).
The homework issues that are most frequently identified as concerns include: not handing homework in, incompletion, poor or incorrect application, etc. Furthermore, children with ADHD display problems with behavior during homework including but not limited to, poor task initiation, poor task persistence and frequent displays of frustration.
Homework is an area which overwhelms parents and teachers alike. Would you like to learn more about theories and research underlying homework challenges? Or learn take home practical strategies to assist children with homework completion? You’re in luck! Emerge School Psychologists, Jessica S. Reinhardt, Ph.D. and Leigh- Ellen Curl, Ed.S NCSP, will be presenting on this topic at an upcoming free conference.
The 5th Annual Choose Your Own ADDVenture
Saturday April 25, 2015
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