Functional Behavior Assessment and Functional Analysis

Posted On October 30, 2015 in

A Functional Behavior Assessment, or more commonly referred to as an FBA, is an assessment used to obtain information about the potential purposes (functions) behaviors serve for an individual. FBA methods can be classified into 3 parts: (1) indirect assessment, (2) descriptive assessment, (3) functional (experimental) analysis. You have probably heard the term FBA during… Read More

Promoting success at the doctor and dentist: Tips for families affected by developmental disability 

Posted On October 23, 2015 in

A trip to a doctor has the potential to provoke anxiety in just about anyone. In kids and adults with developmental disabilities, these visits may be particularly stressful for them and for their caregivers.  Further, getting the best medical care requires cooperation during the visit. In clinical treatment, we are often asked how to use ABA techniques to prepare for and successfully navigate these planned and unplanned visits to… Read More

Employment: What will that look like for my child?

Posted On October 9, 2015 in

Most parents want their child to lead a productive and fulfilling life as they transition into adulthood and in our society that often means having a job. However, this can be a difficult achievement for most of the population that we work with. In fact, less than 10% of individuals with autism with an average… Read More