Reinforcement vs. Bribery

Posted On September 25, 2015 in

Commonly misunderstood, is the difference between reinforcement and bribery.  Reinforcement is a core principle in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and used to increase desired behaviors.  Reinforcement is anything that comes after a behavior that increases the future likelihood of that behavior.  Often times, reinforcers are promised prior to the behavior (i.e. after you… Read More

HELP! My Kid Hates School!

Posted On September 18, 2015 in

Some children are excited for the start of the new school year, and jump right back into school routines, and being part of a new classroom. Other children do not feel this way, and can struggle for weeks and even months with going back to school. For children who have disabilities, school may represent a… Read More

Welcome Fall! Fresh Faces and New Ventures: an Emerge Psychological Services Update

Posted On September 4, 2015 in

Emerge welcomes the start of a new school year with exciting updates. Fall brings a fresh start for many of our younger clients. Emerge clinicians are here for guidance and support through a variety of services including psychotherapy, school consultations, parent consultations, neuropsychological evaluations and academic and gifted testing. We welcome exemplary new clinicians to… Read More