Learning Disabilities


Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)

National Center for Learning Disabilities

Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD)

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Difficulties (CHADD)


Learning Disabilities: From Identification to Intervention
by Jack M. Fletcher, G. Reid Lyon, Lynn S. Fuchs, Marcia A. Barnes

Parenting Children With Learning Disabilities
by Jane Utley Adelizzi and Diane B. Goss

Parental Learning Disability and Children’s Needs: Family Experiences and Effective Practice
by Hedy Cleaver and Don Thomas Nicholson

Learning Disabilities: Toward Inclusion
by Bob Gates and Helen Marie Edwards

Learning Disabilities
by Sharyn Neuwirth

Principles of Learning Disability Support
by John Brooke

An Introduction to Supporting People With a Learning Disability
by Elaine Hardie and Liz Tilly

Learning About Learning Disabilities
by Bernice Wong and Deborah L. Butler

Learning Disabilities: The Struggle from Adolescence Toward Adulthood
by William M. Cruickshank, William Charles Morse, and Jeannie S. Johns

The ABCs of Learning Disabilities
by Bernice Wong, Lorraine Graham, Maureen Hoskyn, and Jeanette Berman

Rethinking Learning Disabilities: Understanding Children Who Struggle in School
by Deborah P. Waber

Planning and Support for People With Intellectual Disabilities: Issues for...
by Christine Bigby, Chris Fyffe, and Elizabeth Ozanne

Learning Disabilities and Your Child
by Lawrence J. Greene

Learning Disabilities in Children
by Roy Porter, Katy Cigno, and Peter Burke

Taking Charge of ADHD, Revised Edition: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents
by Russell Barkley