Emerge Clinician Featured!

Posted On May 6, 2016 in

Emerge Clinician Brittany Greiert, was recently featured by the University of Denver for her work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Follow the link here for more information about Brittany.

Spring Break Activities for Kids in the Denver/Metro Area

Posted On March 10, 2016 in

Looking for some fun activities around the Denver area to do over spring break? Here are some activities you may enjoy with your child. The Nature and Science Museum will be opening a new exhibit called Robot Revolution on March 18th, 2016. The exhibit will feature robots that have rarely been seen by the public…. Read More

Importance of Differential Diagnosis

Posted On December 24, 2015 in

The CDC released data in November 2015 based on parent report survey that estimates the rate of Autism in children is 1 in 48. This is a large increase from the CDC’s data indicating from clinical sources that estimated 1 in 68 children has Autism. This number is a considerable increase from data released only a… Read More

Consequences: A Better Understanding of Reinforcement and Punishment

Posted On November 6, 2015 in

When it comes to consequences, most people think of punishment first. And although punishment typically can make a behavior stop quickly, it is not always effective in decreasing the future likelihood that the behavior will reoccur. For example, saying, “No!” to your child while they are reaching into the cookie jar may cause them to… Read More

Functional Behavior Assessment and Functional Analysis

Posted On October 30, 2015 in

A Functional Behavior Assessment, or more commonly referred to as an FBA, is an assessment used to obtain information about the potential purposes (functions) behaviors serve for an individual. FBA methods can be classified into 3 parts: (1) indirect assessment, (2) descriptive assessment, (3) functional (experimental) analysis. You have probably heard the term FBA during… Read More