Ways to Cope with Anniversary Trauma & Seasonal Triggers Related to PTSD

Posted On October 9, 2018 in

As Thanksgiving and Christmas draw nearer, people tend to feel an increase in their stress levels and anxiety. However, for individuals coping PTSD, these emotional reactions to seasonal changes can be particularly difficult to cope with. Our mental health clinic in Denver sees many PTSD patients on a regular basis. Over the years, we have… Read More

ADHD & Diet: Does Nutrition Affect ADHD?

As Halloween, Christmas, and other sugary holidays approach each year, there always seems to be an increase in discussions involving diet and ADHD. Our Denver mental health specialists often have these types of conversations with the parents of the patients we see. After all, it’s only natural that parents feel concerned about their child’s diet,… Read More

Understanding ADHD in Adults & Recognizing Symptoms

ADHD is undoubtedly a complicated disorder, and therefore one that’s often misunderstood. When most people think of ADHD, they think of the child who can’t sit still in their desk at school or the teenager that acts out impulsively, always getting into trouble. In fact, it used to be believed that children grew out of… Read More

World Mental Health Day 2018 & the Benefits of Therapy for Young People

As the holidays approach and the cold weather brings about seasonal changes, families become busily involved in fall activities, family gatherings, and other seasonal events. However, fall is also an important time in the mental health community.   This October 10th marks World Mental Health Day 2018. At Emerge, we feel that this day is… Read More

Using Fall Break as a Time for Relaxation and Mental Health Evaluation

Posted On September 17, 2018 in

Young or old, we all need time each season to rest and recharge our mental batteries. Whether you’re a student in school or an adult in the working world, fall break remains an important time for mental health evaluation, whether it’s a formal evaluation from a Denver based clinic like ours or by simply taking… Read More

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