Is My Autistic Child Ready for Kindergarten?

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Is My Autistic Child Ready for Kindergarten? Summer is almost here and that means it’s time to start thinking about your child’s school. Kindergarten is an exciting time for all children, but for kids with autism, it can also be a stressful change in their lives. You want the best for your autistic child, but… Read More

Why Late Diagnosis is Common for Aspergers Syndrome

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When it comes to the autism spectrum, there are hundreds if not thousands of levels of severity. One person with severe autism may be diagnosed at a very young age. This allows them to get the treatment and therapy they need throughout their formative years and helps them better adjust to society. But what happens… Read More

Tips for Working with Children with Autism in an Early Childcare Setting

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Early childhood and daycare settings are a great way to foster socialization and get kids used to interacting with their peers. However, for children with autism, the experience is not as simple or fun. Working with children with autism requires patience and training, but with the right techniques you can help kids on the spectrum… Read More

What Causes Autism? What Are the Risk Factors?

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As a parent, you want your child to be as healthy as possible. Finding out that they’re on the autism spectrum can leave you wondering about the type of life they’ll lead and whether they’ll be able to fit the vision of the future you’d created in your mind. Autism is nothing to be ashamed… Read More

Board Certified Behavior Analyst/BCBA

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Emerge is a locally owned and Psychologist/BCBA-run private mental health practice based in Denver, CO. Our clinicians enjoy working in a collaborative and supportive team environment. Although our BCBAs provide home and community-based services, the ABA team enjoys an environment that ensures effective treatment and supervision practices. Our practice is multidisciplinary, serving the diverse psychological… Read More